MyDunoon is a registered NGO operating in the Dunoon Township.
We are a movement. Locals with a heart to unify the community, inspire the people and create change.


The MyDunoon’s vision is for our community to be an example of unity where challenges are met with solutions developed through innovative thinking.


Our Mission is to bring unity by hosting events that nurture community pride . We are creating a culture where difficulties are met with innovative thinking. We do this by linking with and supporting existing initiatives and by leading ground-breaking ventures that bring lasting change.


We see Du Noon as our home, together as a diverse people we need to look after it. Organizations and individuals are both invited to join our network. We understand that participation is the key to real change and so we invite people to collaborate.

This means that like running a household the scope of activities is broad. We try to work together as much as we can. We use the resources at our disposal to address the needs we see. There is always work to be done and always new solutions. So although myDunoon has some specific projects many smaller ones are adopted when necessary under our myDunoon banner if they serve the “household”.

Our township is small but its over populated with many problems. We believe that if we could activate people we can see a real change. To achieve this change we have four specific goals.