Our Current Involvement

myDunoon is active in the community in many ways but each year we focus on a few projects that address problems we face as a community. These are the ongoing projects we are currently focused on:

We are building relationships with the organisations working in Dunoon. We do this through regular visits to each organisation, offering support where we can and organising events and activities that all organisations can attend.

A recycling swop shop. The children at Dunoon Primary School can exchange Recycling for Stationary.

We are developing a group of Young leaders at Dunoon Primary school. We do this by running leadership workshops and organising a leadership camp as well as meeting up with them regularly and taking them on outings when possible.

Call2Care is partnered with us to start a garden that provide produce to the local creche.

One of the organisations that we assist on a weekly basis is our ‘local granny daycare’. Dunoon does not have an old age home but some of the elderly go to the Laphumilanga Seniors club during the day. We join them every week to do a stretching/aerobics session and help them out where we can.

We run two afternoon programmes:
-An Art Class for budding young artists.
-We run the ‘Friday Fun Day’ programme at BOOST Africa for local primary children.